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Automatic Weighing And Bagging Machine

Automatic Weighing And Bagging Machine

Automatic Weighing And Bagging Machine

We Manufactures Electromechanical As Well As Electronic Microprocessor BasedAutomatic Weighing Machine For High Speed Automatic Weighing And Bagging Of Variety Of Materials Such As Fertilizers, Food Grains, Sugar, Cattle Feed, PVC Granules, Cereals, Coal, Chemical, Powder, Flour, Flakes, Soda ash, etc.

Machines Are Designed And Manufactured Adopting The Latest Technological Development In The Field Of Accurate Weighing. The Weighing And Bagging Machines Are Available In Different Models Like, Gravity, Belt, Screw Feeder Or Vibrating Feeder Tray.

These Machines Are Available As A Net Or Gross Model, In Mild Steel Or Stainless Steel Construction.

Electronic Type Microprocessor Based Automatic Weighing And Bagging Machines Incorporating Highly Accurate train Gauge Load Cells And Latest State Of The Art Fully digital Microprocessor Controller Are Available For Capacity Up To 900 Bags/hour With An Accuracy Of +50 Grams Or Better Over A Range Of 25kgs To 100 Kg As Well As Jumbo Bags Of 1 Ton. Full Digital Calibration And Parameter Set Upper Interactive Dialogues For Different Weighing.

RS 485 serial Channel For Printer, Data Output, Serial Communication.

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